Culinary Arts Associate's Degrees

Have you always enjoyed spending time in the kitchen, creating delicious recipes and scrumptious dishes, but aren’t really sure how you can capitalize on this passion to start a new rewarding career? Sometimes all that is missing is a little formal training. Earning an associate’s degree in the culinary arts will allow you to feel comfortable applying for jobs that involve experience with both classic and modern culinary techniques.

The great thing about earning this type of a degree in the restaurant and hospitality industry is that you will be able to achieve positions with more responsibility and a more desirable salary. With this degree you’ll learn how to prepare different international dishes, as well as solidifying the basics of baking, nutrition, menu creation, kitchen management and food safety. You can research more of the educational requirements for being accepted to a training program by visiting our culinary arts career page.

With this type of a degree under your belt you’ll be able to apply for and be hired on in positions that pay almost 40% more than those offered to candidates with no college experience.