Fitness & Exercise Associate's Degrees

Are your friends always asking you for advice about the exercise routine that they should use to get in shape, or the best diet for losing weight and building muscle? If you’ve often wished that you could put your natural interest in nutrition and exercise to work for you in a rewarding career, then you’ve got to seriously consider pursuing an associate’s degree in fitness & exercise science. This type of degree would allow you to learn how to monitor fitness equipment and trouble shoot malfunctions, supervise client use of exercise equipment and programs for the best results, manage other workers, communicate with clients and management, and discover the latest scientific breakthroughs in the industry.

Earning an associate’s degree in this field will make your resume much more attractive to employers who might be considering you for an entry level job. You will be able to pursue careers in private and public gyms and fitness clubs, as well as a career as a personal trainer or nutritional consultant. It’s always a good idea to research the additional educational requirements involved at our fitness & exercise career center page.

This type of degree is considered an introduction to formal training in the field and a stepping stone for your career. This advanced training will make it possible for you to earn up to forty percent more a year.



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