Interdisciplinary Studies Associate's Degrees

An associate’s degree in interdisciplinary studies will provide the student with a broad understanding across a wide range of topics. An associate’s degree in interdisciplinary studies does not include a prescribed set of courses, but rather will be an individualized program developed by the student and the advisor. Students will generally select two or more areas on which to focus and then will take courses that develop skills necessary to begin a career in those fields. Kaplan University also offers associate’s degrees in this area to help students develop the competencies needed to enter the modern, dynamic workplace.

An associate’s degree in interdisciplinary studies is right for you if you are interested in a career that combines elements from several different fields. Research the education requirements for specific interdisciplinary studies careers at our interdisciplinary studies career center page.

Because this type of program has so many different options, it is difficult to project the employment outlook for a student who earns an associate’s degree in interdisciplinary studies. However, regardless of the specific major of the degree, a graduate with an associate degree is likely to earn more than someone who has no post-secondary education.