Education Associate's Degrees

With a teaching & education degrees associate, graduates will have a wealth of knowledge at hand regarding the latest learning techniques to put to use within the classrooms. This is the best way to start off on the fast track towards gaining real, hands-on experience within a classroom. With an Associate’s degree, you have the ability to specialize in any number of areas, including working with special needs children or going on to work as an aide for a variety of different ages of learners. Those that may be interested in working towards obtaining a teaching & education degrees associate will find that they have a variety of options after graduation. Most will be able to find a position within a school in an entry-level capacity, and from there can either work their way up within the academic system as a teacher, or move on to obtain a higher-level degree in a college.

Graduates who obtain this type of teaching and education degrees associate should have no problem finding employment in the future, with estimates suggesting that there will be a high demand in the next decade for qualified individuals. The starting salaries could range anywhere from $23,000-$37,000, depending on the region of employment.