Capps College

Train to be a Medical Assistant, Pharmacy Technician, Medical Office Specialist, Cosmetologist or a Massage Therapist at Capps College.

YOU CAN'T AFFORD NOT TO DO THIS! Where will you be in a year? One year from today, a typical rare coin will be worth about 10% more. One year from today, a collection of especially rare gem-quality coins will have more than tripled in value. Which one will you be? Which one do you want to be? Your only possible conclusion is, of course, to follow your dream and enroll at one of the health care programs at Capps College. The fact that you have a calling to work in healthcare speaks volumes about who you are. The medical profession needs you. Answer the call, if you will—DARE TO DREAM! The rewards of the training in our health care programs at Capps College will be far greater than any collection of rare coins or any other tangible asset could ever be. It is in knowing this that we begin to understand "value" in our lives.

Don't just dream about it...

Make it happen! At Capps College and Capps Medical Institute, you can get the specialized training in health care programs that you need to enjoy a rewarding, fulfilling career as a member of the medical team – and, unlike other health care schools in Alabama, you can graduate in less than a year!

Montgomery, AL
Mobile, AL
Foley, AL
Dothan, AL

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