Business Certificates

Certificate degrees in business are typically shorter than associate and bachelor degrees. More often than not, you can finish a certificate program between one to 12 months. Furthermore, the topics or subjects you can specialize on include applied management, advertising, basic accounting, business administration, financial management and human resources management. Majority of working individuals that get certificate programs in business are interested in gaining skills and knowledge on information technology. New certificate programs in e-business or e-commerce, technical writing, and non-profit management are now available.

Since many people who decide to take certificate degrees in business do not have ample money or financial support to pursue bachelor degrees, it is important for them to get a job as soon as they finish their short business course. Fortunately, the demand for entry-level positions in business continues to be strong. You can surely find work as administrative assistant, office clerk, word processing clerk, retail store specialist, or sales associate easily. Although many companies take a closer look at the educational background of candidates seeking supervisory or managerial positions, there are still instances when long years of experience and a certificate course can make one eligible for higher positions.

According to an Internet-based salary research company, an entry level office clerk with no experience can earn between $8 and $11 per hour. Aside from years of experience, the salary of office clerks and similar positions also depend on geographical location.



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