Forensic Science Certificates

A certificate in forensic science or computer forensics will give anyone a good start to a great career. By getting a certificate, you can learn about computers, science, chemistry, biology, crime theory, criminal justice, and other courses that will set you up to be in a rewarding career. You can find jobs assisting in crime labs, medical examiner’s offices, and with the local, county, state, and federal authorities to help in crime scene investigation and solving crimes based on the science. Find certificate courses in forensics at schools like Kaplan University.

If you like solving puzzles and doing experiments, a certificate in forensics might be perfect for you. This career allows you to start small and get right to work, leaving plenty of room for future education and achievement of higher degrees. Check out the exact requirements for careers in this field at our forensics career page, for all forensic science and computer forensic careers.

The U.S. Census Bureau reports that those who have a certificate or diploma in a field of study will earn about 20% more than a high school graduate per year. Considering that programs last from 6-18 months, that kind of an increase in pay is quite substantial. Plus, the earnings will increase over time and with further education versus those who do not attend college at all.