Philosphy Certificates

If you do not wish to pursue a full degree in philosophy, you can always look into getting a certificate in philosophy. This is usually formed from a minor within another degree program. Many people look to get philosophy minors because it helps them think and analyze better. Philosophy programs are always pleasant for employers to see because it shows that the student was a well rounded thinker who put forth an effort to open his or her mind. By getting a certificate in philosophy, you could be securing jobs for yourself well into the future.

For a certificate in philosophy program, you obviously do not have to go through as much coursework as you would for a bachelor’s degree or similar. Most of the time, philosophy courses are worked into a student’s schedule so that they do not all happen at once. You might be taking twelve hours of courses pertaining to your major and then one three or four hour course for philosophy each semester. The required hours vary from one university to the next.