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At Cosmetology School, Color Your Future Rosy
If you enjoy working with hair or makeup, cosmetology school could help you start a hot new career in the beauty industry. Cosmetologists offer many different kinds of beauty services, such as styling, washing, cutting, and coloring hair. Some also advise clients on caring for their hair at home, and others are trained to give scalp and facial treatments, manicures and pedicures, or makeup analyses. Many cosmetologists manage their own salons, and need business and management skills from hiring and supervising workers to keeping business records and marketing the salon.

Earn Your Scissors at a Certified Cosmetology School
Customers put themselves in cosmetologists' hands for a wide range of health and beauty needs, so most states require cosmetologists to graduate from a certified cosmetology school and take a licensing exam. Cosmetology school can teach you everything from how to give trendy haircuts to how to make clients' nails and skin gleam. Some schools have courses in business and people skills, to make you an effective salesperson and give you the skills to run your own salon. Full-time cosmetology programs typically last about 9 months, and may lead to an associate degree.

Once on the job, you may find that you need additional training to learn more advanced techniques. Certified cosmetologists often pursue more advanced training at salons and cosmetology schools throughout their careers.

Now is the Time to Start
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for cosmetologists is growing faster than the average for all occupations, and job opportunities will be good for entry-level workers. If you've been hoping to enter the beauty industry, now is the time to go to cosmetology school.

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Cosmetology Organizations

National Cosmetology Assocation - The NCA has represented the interests of the salon and beauty industry since 1921-today, over 25,000 members strong, it is the largest association of salon professionals in the world. Benefits include legal advocacy, a network of peers, scholarship opportunities, and extensive discounts on supplies and publications.

National Latino Cosmetology Assocation - The NLCA was created under the idea that Latino beauty professionals, from cosmetologists and aestheticicans to barbers and salon owners, need their own space to network and develop skills. Benefits include job listings, training and networking opportunities, leadership and advocacy roles, and affordable health insurance.

International Make-Up Assocation - The IMA sets a high standard for make-up artists and those who wish to hire them. To hold a membership card from the IMA, a make-up artist must display a high level of skill in their field, assuring potential employers of one's talents.

International Nail Tech Assocation - Created in 1994, the International Nail Tech Association evolved from the International Massage Association and is committed to helping nail technicians achieve their business dreams. Membership includes insurance and advocacy, customer support, product discounts, and free web domain space.

International Estheticians Assocation - The International Estheticians Association was created to give estheticians a place to build their practice. Membership includes a supportive network of colleagues, liability insurance coverage, and discounts for relevant materials.