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Academicsnow is your resource for Engineering Education and Career Information. It's an exciting time for engineers right now. With great advances being made in technology and environmental science, engineers are greatly needed to provide their services in many different fields. Environmental engineers are in particularly high demand, for their role in creating greener forms of electricity. Visit our extensive listings of online engineering schools & degrees, engineering jobs & careers, engineering salary information as well as engineering bachelor degrees, engineering master degrees, engineering certificates, and engineering doctorate degrees online or at a campus nearby. If you're not sure where to start, see our overview of types of engineering programs & degrees.

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If you are creative, inquisitive, analytical, and detail oriented, you should consider attending any of the engineering schools and earning an engineering degree. Engineers help develop new products such as chemicals, computers, helicopters, and even toys. For all of the new products, they are involved in identifying the functional requirements, designing and testing components, and integrating the elements to produce the final product.

In addition, they evaluate the product's effectiveness, cost, dependability, as well as safety. Other professionals in this field move up into management or sales positions. Most often, engineers choose a specialty field to become an expert in. There are so many different types of engineering specialties from which to choose. Here is a very small sample of them:

Degrees Available at Engineering Schools

There are a myriad of engineering schools that offer lots of training programs. Most programs include courses in mathematics, physical sciences, and life sciences, as well as the courses related to the engineering specialty of choice. Some other programs of engineering specialties that schools offer include chemical, civil, computer hardware, electrical, environmental, mechanical, and nuclear engineering. Source:

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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