Mechanical Engineering Degrees

Academicsnow is your resource for Mechanical Engineering Degrees and Career Information. Mechanical engineering degrees open the door to one of the broadest disciplines within the engineering field. Professionals with these degrees will spend their time researching, designing, developing, and testing tools, machines, engines, and other mechanics. These engineers generally work on generators, steam and gas turbines and electric generators. They can also work on refrigeration and air conditioning products, elevators and escalators, robots, tools for other engineers, and agriculture and technical sales. There are so many different areas of focus and careers that can be found for those who are involved in mechanical engineering. Almost every engineering profession requires a bachelor's degree at entry level. A master's or doctorate program is always recommended for further training and better job opportunities, but is only required in certain situations. Engineering programs require students to demonstrate competency in math, sciences, and liberal arts courses. Every state has a licensing requirement for mechanical engineers, which must be met before a professional can work with the public. A 4-5 year bachelor's degree and 4 years of work experience are required to take the license test in mechanical engineering.