Court Reporter Schools

Academicsnow is your resource for Court Reporter Schools and Career Information. Court reporting is generally the term that describes the transcribing of legal proceedings. While this is definitely a definition that is correct, this isn't the only option that court reporters have for their careers. The transcription training that they receive can provide them with career opportunities in television captioning, government transcription, freelance court reporting, and other careers where their skills will be put to use. Court reporter schools offer a certificate program for court reporting along with additional shorthand reporter licensing courses for added benefits and career options. This career is one that can be very rewarding. Court reporters must be fast, detail oriented, and very specific and able to pay attention. However, they are compensated well for their efforts and can learn everything with ease in court reporter schools. The job outlook for this career is quite good. In spite of all the technology, court reporters are still doing their job the way that they have been for many, many years. While other positions have been phased out or altered by technology, the court reporter is one job that isn't going anywhere any time soon.