Health Care Master's Degrees

An master’s degree in health care will likely focus on developing the student’s skills in the area of management to prepare the student to take on this level of responsibility on the job. A master’s degree in health care administration will give the student a deeper understanding of the applicable laws related to the medical care industry as well as advancing the student’s knowledge of health care finance. Kaplan University  has an additional four courses of study, three with a focus on nursing and one in the area of health care management.

A master’s degree in health care will keep you one step ahead of the competition in this industry. It is a way to specialize in a particular aspect of health care. Research the education requirements for specific health care field careers at our health care career center page.

Health care workers with master’s degrees can expect to earn significantly higher salaries than those with bachelor’s or associate’s degrees. Those with a master’s degree may wish to enter the field of health care education where there is currently a shortage of qualified instructors. An individual at the master’s degree level may also find employment opportunities at hospitals, outpatient care centers, or nursing and residential care centers.



International College of Broadcasting


International College of Broadcasting International College of Broadcasting (ICB) offers an opportunity to enter the broadcasting media with the training and expertise usually associated with experience. A Two-Year Associate Degree in Communication Arts in Television and Radio offers the combination of classroom studies with "hands-on" training in fully equipped studios, and in much more depth than usually found in even a four-year college.