Education Master's Degrees

Going beyond just a basic level of academic training in the world of education, with a teaching & education degrees master, graduates are given more than just a cursory explanation of various learning methods or a simple outline of how to control a classroom. This offers the potential to find a more specialized field of study, including working with children with learning disabilities, for example.

While only a diploma or Associateís degree is required to gain a foothold inside a classroom and gain some hands-on teaching experience in the real word, taking the time to earn a teaching & education degrees master will allow graduates to advance much further in the field. This is required to teach high school courses or at a more specialized level.

Having a Masterís degree entitles teachers to retain control of their own classrooms and earn more than those holding a Bachelorís degree in the same field. Those with a teaching & education degrees master earn up to $72,000 on average, compared to only $44,000 for those with a Bachelorís alone.


Western Governors University, a nonprofit private university, features a competency-based approach that emphasizes mastery of essential skills and knowledge instead of accumulating credit hours. Progress toward your online degree is based on passing rigorous assessments that measure your skills and knowledge in your field of study. WGUís programs are best designed (well suited) for people with at least one year or more of college completed.