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Medical Programs

Medical Training Degrees F.Y.I.

The healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today. By 2015, healthcare expenditures in the US will total $4 trillion (or roughly 20% of GDP). Thus, if you're looking for a career that promises numerous options, opportunities, and tremendous growth potential, you should seriously consider securing medical training now so that you can capitalize on this explosive growth in the future. And don't make the mistake of thinking that medical training requires that you become a doctor.
There are countless professions in the healthcare industry that don't require nearly as much formal education. Nurses, transcribers, coders, insurance claims adjusters, medical technologist, orderlies, medical receptionist, and medical attorneys are but a small sampling of the various career paths you can pursue with the proper type of training.

Medical Schools
Because potential medical careers are so varied, this also means that you have a range of different types of schools from which to choose. Physicians and medical attorneys usually require the most education. There are many careers that only require certificates or associate degrees, such as medical technologists, massage therapists, nurses, and orderlies. And even better, many of these schools have online programs, so you don't necessarily need to quit your day job in order to receive the training required for entry.

Career Outlook with Medical Training
If you review the career projections for the various medical occupations on the US Department of Labor web site, you will notice that almost all of them are expected to enjoy faster than average growth. People will pay handsomely to stay fit and healthy, and thus, if you have the skills and training to help provide optimal medical care, you can capitalize on the explosive growth that the larger healthcare industry is expected to enjoy in the coming years.

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Medical Training Organizations

American Medical Student Association - The AMSA is a national student-run organization committed to representing the interests and improving the lives of students training to enter the medical field. Membership benefits include publications, insurance, discounts on travel and test preparations, and career development.

International Federation of Medical Students' Associations - Established in 1964, SNMA is the oldest organization in the United States dedicated to voicing the needs and concerns of medical students of color. Membership is open to all pre-med students, residents, and physicians who support the association's vision, and benefits include discounts, publications, events, and opportunities for leadership roles and scholarships.

Student National Medical Association - IFMSA is an independent, nonprofit, non-political federation of medical student associations, run for and by students all coming together to collaborate and advance the discussion of health care around the world.

Catholic Medical Students' Association - CMSA is an organization for Catholic students entering into medicine, and seeks to promote values and encourage spiritual development, while giving students a space to come together and share their experiences. Membership includes newsletters, publications, and access to events.

Naturopathic Medical Student Association - NMSA is the official organization for students of accredited institutions of naturopathic medicine.