Dental Hygienist Schools

Your online resource for Dental Hygienist Schools and Career Information. The dental hygienist is the one who takes care of cleaning teeth, providing oral health care information and tips, and educating patients on how to care for their teeth and mouths in any different situation. Dental hygienist job roles will vary, but can include dental history collection, teeth exams, removing stains and plaque as well as calculus, applying sealant and fluoride, taking x-rays, teaching patients about oral hygiene and making molds of teeth for evaluations. All of these duties will be performed based on the education that is obtained in dental hygienist schools. Some states have increased the roles of this position, adding more work for them and less work for dentists. This is a two-year degree program that can be completed online or in a traditional classroom, although there are required hours of hands-on learning or job training that are required, as well. Dental hygienists can find careers in dental offices, hospitals, public health clinics, dental education programs and dental schools. In the future, the growth for the career shows promise, offering potential jobs to anyone who gets their degree.