MRI Technician Schools

Academicsnow is your resource for MRI Technician Schools and Career Information. MRI technician schools can offer degree programs that teach everything that students need or want to know about becoming MRI technicians. The courses that are required include the same types of courses that are required for radiology because an MRI technician will need to first obtain an associate degree in radiological technology in order to pursue MRI certification after. Once the coursework in anatomy, radiation physics, chemistry, and other courses is completed and an associate degree is held, graduates can attend MRI technician programs, which offer an additional 1-2 years of instruction for those who want to become proficient in MRI administering and interpretation. Some health care professionals who have experience on the job might be able to take MRI technician classes without having to obtain a radiology degree first if their experience is sufficient. Licensing for MRI techs is only required in 40 states, but many employers in states that don't require licensing still like to see that people have obtained a license because it makes them feel more secure in their hiring decisions. There are many careers available for MRI technicians once their training is completed.