Pharmacy Tech Training

Your online resource for Pharmacy Tech Training and Career Information. Pharmacy tech training involves learning about medications and dosing as well as medical math so that prescriptions can be filled properly. The pharmacy tech works under the supervision of a pharmacist and will be able to fill prescriptions, count medications, measure pills and liquid medications, and label products accordingly. These professionals will also verify prescriptions and maintain records of patients and insurance details. Pharmacy tech training generally lasts for six months to a year depending on the program that is chosen. Also known as pharmacy assistants, these professionals basically serve as the right hand person to the pharmacist, taking care of whatever duties they are asked or required to do on a daily basis. Career futures for this job are positive due to the increase in other healthcare services and a need for more professionals. Anyone considering this career can ensure that there will be work to be done when they have obtained their diploma or certificate. Professionals can work in retail pharmacies, small locally owned businesses, and even in large chain stores with pharmacies, depending on their preference.