Physician Assistant Schools

Academicsnow is your resource for Physician Assistant Schools and Career Information. Physician assistant schools offer programs that take two years to complete and offer a career that is very fulfilling to many people who don't have the time or desire to actually become doctors. Physician assistant programs teach medical ethics, anatomy and physiology, and about all the classes that nurses would take. In addition, PAs learn about diagnosing patients and prescribing medications. On the job, a physician assistant will be able to take medical histories, conduct exams and treat patients, order tests and x rays and interpret them, diagnose patients and prescribe medications, and treat minor injuries with stitches, casts and splints. The courses that are taught teach all of these skills to students and offer hands-on experience on the job to prove competency and become licensed in their careers. This career is very popular in the medical field right now, and a growing demand for healthcare services means a growing need for physician assistants in hospitals, doctor's offices, and clinics nationwide. The growth into 2018 for this career is projected at about 20%, which is almost double the national average.