Radiology Technologist Schools

Academicsnow is your resource for Radiology Technologist Schools and Career Information. Radiology technologist schools are generally programs that last for two years, although some students might settle for a certificate program, which will last from 21 to 24 months on average. These programs teach all the basics that are required to obtain certification from the ARRT (American Registry of Radiologic Technologists). This is not a mandatory certification, but many employers prefer to hire people who have it, simply because it shows they are certified and committed to their careers. Students will learn things like anatomy and physiology, pathology, medical terminology, positioning, principles of imaging, radiobiology and medical ethics classes to ensure that they are prepared for ALL aspects of being a radiology technologist. For those who want further career advancement or higher paying careers, there are bachelor degrees available in this field, as well. However, the majority of students stick with the associate degree because it offers exactly what is needed for the job. Like all healthcare professions, this career is expected to grow substantially in the coming years. A projected growth of 17% by 2018 is what is forecasted currently.