Surgical Technician Schools

Academicsnow is your online resource for Surgical Technician Schools and Career Information. Surgical technologists or technicians are required to obtain 9-24 months of education in order to get a certificate, diploma, or associate degree in surgical technology. These professionals work in surgery centers and hospitals in a surgery setting. They work under the supervision of actual surgeons, nurses, and other personnel that outrank them. These professionals are responsible for setting up the operating room, assembling equipment, checking and adjusting tools to ensure they work properly, getting patients ready for surgery and transporting and positioning patients for surgery. They will be responsible for handing tools during the procedure, as well as holding, cutting stitches, counting tools and instruments, and many other aspects of surgery. This career requires education in anatomy, physiology, surgical procedures, medical ethics and training, and similar courses. This career is expected to grow much faster than average in the future, and the trend will see more jobs in other healthcare industries than hospitals, which are currently the primary home of surgical technicians. The growth of the industry is expected to be about 25% between now and 2018, which is more than double the national average for all occupations.