From recruitment to retirement, the U.S. Army provides a unique and diverse lifestyle. Soldiers are given every opportunity to grow. With expert training in one of more than 150 different jobs for Soldiers on Active Duty and more than 120 in the Army Reserve, you'll gain a foundation of confidence, discipline, and leadership - and an experience that will give you an edge over those in the civilian world. The Army also offers money for college to further position you for success. It's the strength for today - and the strength for an even better tomorrow.

As a U.S. Soldier, you will discover a life filled with adventure and meet other smart, motivated people like you. Soldiers spend their days training, working and serving together to protect America's freedoms. And after work, they are just like other sons, daughters, fathers and mothers spending time with family and friends, pursuing personal interests and enjoying the benefits of living on an Army Post.

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