Adult Health Nurse

Academicsnow is your resource for Adult Health Nurse Education and Career Information. The adult health nurse is technically known as a nurse practitioner, and holds an MSN degree or Masters of Science in Nursing. This program is designed to enhance the education that students have already obtained through RN and BSN programs and to offer clinical teaching skills, teach working independently, and offer management and leadership courses to allow for more advanced career positions in the future. Nursing theory is combined with advanced practical applications so that students have the capability to work as an adult health nurse in any size healthcare facility that they choose to work in. the adult health nurse will cater specifically to adult patients and the elderly, sometimes offering home care or specialty services in assisted living facilities and nursing homes. There are many career options for the adult health nurse, but administration and management are rarely positions that are sought after. Practitioners want to help patients in a hands-on format, and can do so without doctor's supervision if they choose. Of course, licensing exams required by state law must be passed and previous job experience is often required in this position.