CNA Nursing Schools

Academicsnow is your resource for CNA Certified Nursing Assistant Education and Career Information. The CNA, or certified nursing assistant, is a position that requires minimal education beyond vocational training. Generally, these programs last less than a year and are followed by a state test that certifies people to work as nursing assistants and aides. Certified nursing assistants learn practical applications in how to care for patients on a basic level, including cleaning, changing, and tending to patient needs, as well as changing beds and keeping nurses and doctors updated on patient statuses. These programs are often taught in high school vocational programs, allowing students to obtain work as soon as they graduate from high school and further their education later if they choose. Careers for the CNA certified nursing assistant include jobs in assisted living facilities, nursing homes, hospitals, and health centers around the nation. Students with this training can pursue 1 to 1? years of further training to receive their RN if they choose to further their career, as well as 6 months to 1 year of training to qualify for an LPN or LVN license.