Art & Design PhD Degrees

There aren’t that many universities that offer art & design PhD degrees in the country. One reason behind this is that not many people pursue such level of education. However, if you want to become an expert in the field and would like to reach the topmost positions in universities, museums, or even art galleries, you can capitalize on a doctoral degree in your chosen field of art and design. Furthermore, people who usually get PhD’s in arts are those who are interested in research and consultation types of work. You should also expect that the courses you will be taking in this level of education will require in-depth analytical and critical skills.

There are many types of art & design PhD degrees to choose from. Aside from the study of art history and evaluation, there are many more exciting fields to consider. You can specialize in interior design, fashion design, photography, visual arts, and even computer graphic design for advertising or publishing. With the emergence of many computer software that aid in preservation of the arts, you can expect many more exciting graduate programs to be available in the years to come.

Aside from being qualified to become a university professor, there are still other jobs fit for holders of doctor’s degree in arts and design. Some other lucrative job possibilities include academic research lead, directorship in museums, or consultancy work.