Philosphy PhD Degrees

If you are looking to get a PhD in philosophy, you should be in store for quite the intellectual journey. Getting a PhD is a common pursuit for philosophy students as they seek to go beyond just a bachelor’s level to gain a greater understanding of the world and common questions within. A PhD program will go two years or more beyond the six years required for a master’s, so students must be truly prepared to commit to their education. The knowledge and intellect gained through these studies though are vast, so the time can be quite rewarding.

There are many different ways that you can get a PhD in philosophy, but many people are actually flocking to the internet now for their studies. The reason for that is because you can make your own schedule and gain the same education that you would in a classroom.

Within your time getting a PhD in philosophy, you might encounter courses like metaphysics, the study of religion, ancient philosophy, ethics and more. The first few years of schooling will cover basic introductory courses, but after that you will take the steps needed to complete your dissertation. That will be presented to and reviewed by a board at your university who will determine whether or not you get your doctorate.