Journalism Schools

Academicsnow is your resource for Journalism Schools and Career Information. Journalism is a career that is very successful for many professionals. This industry is growing quickly due to the online media world needing more journalists to fill ever-growing online news publications and periodicals. Those who choose journalism schools will learn things like creative writing, writing for news publications, technical writing, sociology, humanities classes, and even history and psychology courses. Depending on the degree that is obtained, career success can come in many different forms. Most commonly, the bachelor's degree in English with an emphasis on journalism is chosen by professionals who want to become successful journalists. This degree is available from a variety of online institutions and traditional schools, and is recognized as the standard for hiring qualified professional journalists. Journalism schools can prepare students for rewarding careers in news media, magazine writing, periodical publications, and even staff writing positions with online publications and newswires. The projected growth for this industry through 2018 is right on par with the national average at about 12%, which is mostly due to the increase in online media publications and a high demand for telecommute and freelance journalists.