Auto Mechanic Schools

Academicsnow is your resource for Auto Mechanic Schools and Career Information. Due to the increasing complexity of auto engines, there is a substantial growth taking place in the automobile mechanic industry. There is an increase of about 15% projected through 2018, which is about four percent above the national average. While many mechanics start their training as early as high school, there are postsecondary courses for those who seek them. Many students begin as apprentices in auto shops and dealerships, who often sponsor educational programs to help their new employees get the education that they need. Courses will teach things like auto engine mechanics, mathematics, physics, mechanical drawing, and even customer service and ethics classes to ensure a well-rounded education. Although employers don't require postsecondary education for employees in many cases, getting a certificate or associate degree along with an ASE certification can often prove to increase chances of being hired for anyone who follows that path. Students who attend auto mechanic schools can find jobs with dealerships, auto manufacturers, repair shops, and even become self-employed as auto repair business owners.