Electrician Trade Schools

Academicsnow is your resource for Electrician Trade Schools and Career Information. Electrician trade schools are designed to offer classroom education that is combined with on-the-job training, known as an apprenticeship program. Most programs last 4 years, with 144 hours of classroom instruction and 2,000 hours of job training per year. Classroom education teaches electrical theory, blueprints, math, electrical codes, and safety practices. Additionally, specialized training in communications, soldering, elevators, cranes, and fire alarm systems can be obtained through electrician trade schools. Some students will start their education before applying for job training apprenticeships, which allows them to start at a higher level on the job than if they started at the same time or prior to their classroom education. Most states require electricians to pass an exam and become licensed, although each state has its own requirements and laws regarding this practice. Those who pursue further education and training to become electrical contractors or master electricians will need 7 years of experience and/or a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering. Electricians can find work with public companies, as self-employed business owners, and as employees for electrical contractors with their education from electrician trade schools.