HVAC Technician School

Academicsnow is your resource for HVAC Technician Schools and Career Information. HVAC technician schools are not difficult to find, and can offer complete training in 1 year or less, allowing professionals to fast-track their careers. The growing number of homes and businesses in the nation are creating a higher demand for HVAC certified professionals. Additionally, the average age for technicians today is around 48, which means that retirement of existing professionals will leave plenty of room for new jobs into the next decade or so. In order to become certified in HVAC service and repair, a student must complete the required educational classes and 6-24 months of field experience in order to be considered proficient or to be licensed in states that require it. If licensure is required, a test must be taken and passed. If there is no test or required license and the student has completed the education and apprenticeship required, they can go on to pursue a full-time career as an HVAC technician. There are specialty examinations and courses that can be taken by those who want to specialize their skills, as well.